Inside Athena: Laurel Ridge’s “Intricate Part” of the Connecticut Center

Inside Athena: Laurel Ridge’s “Intricate Part” of the Connecticut Center

RIDGEFIELD, C.T. — Laurel Ridge Health Care Center Administrator Caitlin Cannavaro said Wanda Dwyer, Resident Care Coordinator Assistant (R.C.C.A.), is an “intricate part in both the nursing department and flow of the facility.”

MDS Director Jamie Randall (left) with Wanda Dwyer

Dywer joined the Ridgefield center ten years ago. She’s stayed because of her team and the job itself. As RCCA, she teaches the C.N.A.s how to properly document, is involved in family care plan meetings and residents meetings, and also serves on committees including the marketing and fire safety ones. Dwyer was attracted to healthcare because of her passion to be with people and help them out.

“I work very closely with the CNAs. With their documentation, it’s very important to have correct documentation and regular documentation,” she said.

Dwyer started off as a C.N.A. and then became Lead C.N.A. and has continued to grow with the company. She wants to ensure new nursing assistants are providing the best possible care for their residents. For already established staff, she monitors and re-educates them as needed.

She finds the staff are receptive to her and any advice she may have to offer. Cannavaro echoes that saying, “She leads by example through her work and her attitude.”

“Wanda is dedicated to our residents and is always willing to go the extra mile to help them and make them feel at home. She wears many hats in the facility and we wouldn’t be the family we are without her leadership and commitment,” the administrator wrote.

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August 3, 2023 A Healthier Approach To Caring, Inside Athena