Update from Administrator – November 24, 2021

Update from Administrator – November 24, 2021


Dear Families,

We want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Many have inquired about visits in our center and leaves of absences as we approach the holiday season, beginning this week. With health experts now warning of “waning immunity” and “break-through” cases, and the positivity rate in our areas on the rise, we do ask everyone to continue with caution and vigilance. We are clearly not out of the wood when it comes to COVID We remain concerned that home and visits into the community will increase the potential for exposure to our residents.

We need to be vigilant about protecting our loved ones and ensure proper social distancing, masking, and infection prevention protocols are followed, even outside our center.

Center Visits

If you would like to visit, please do so, following the guidance and recommendations of the CDC and our state health department. While your vaccination is not required for visitation, we continue to strongly encourage vaccination for everyone and booster shots for those now eligible.

As a reminder, all visitors are required to complete our COVID screening protocol, including temperature check and our questionnaire. You are also required to wear a mask while in the center. We further ask that you proceed directly to your loved one’s room for your visit and not wander the center, to further reduce any potential exposure.

Community and Home Visits

If you would like to take your loved one home for a visit, we must inform you that any unvaccinated resident leaving, upon return, will be reviewed and may need to be placed on quarantine, per CDC and DPH recommendations.  Family gatherings are generally with unmasked individuals as you are sharing a meal and we do not know who is and is not vaccinated, therefore this guidance is in place.

Additionally, residents on insurance/Medicare are not allowed to go on overnight leaves of absence.  Please let us know if you plan to take your loved one home so we may make the arrangements.  Some residents will not be able to have an outside leave due to medical reasons, please understand if the Doctor/APRN has limited their leaves of absence.  You may contact them directly if you have any questions.

I hope you enjoy this holiday season with your families and it is healthy and safe for everyone.

Sobha Lamontagne, MHA

November 24, 2021 A Healthier Approach To Caring